The Schiro Law Firm has a keen interest in business litigation—state court, federal court, and arbitration, trial or appellate proceedings, plaintiff or defendant. Although definitely a small firm, Dick and his team are often hired to represent parties in significant, complex lawsuits and transactions.

One focus is disputes involving various aspects of real estate transactions—for example, unwinding within litigation and then a lengthy mediation the complex interwoven operations of two large, developed, adjacent tracts; prevailing at trial and then on appeal in a dispute with a municipality regarding improper shutdown of an ongoing real estate development project; negotiating, to settle a lawsuit, the allocation of several commercial buildings among partners and then dissolving their partnership.

The Firm is prepared to try cases, handle all aspects of any appeals, and resolve disputes in mediation. The legal analysis is careful and well developed; the written and oral presentations are clear and articulate. Clients are always fully informed and remain involved throughout the process.

The Firm’s transactional practice includes entity formation, acquisitions/sales, buy-sell agreements, corporate governance documents, equipment and real estate leasing.

The focus is always on identifying and achieving the client’s objectives, with the understanding that those objectives and thus the most desirable outcome may change as a lawsuit or transaction evolves. Flexibility, creativity, and tenacity are the watchwords.

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